To find a lawyer in Montreal

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Montreal lawyer
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To locate a lawyer, people in Montreal, Quebec, Longueuil and Laval, you have access to the following numbers:

445, Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec  H2Y 3T8
514 954-3400
1 800 361-8495

Quebec Bar
445, Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec  H2Y 3T8

Quebec Bar
76, Saint- Paul Street, #300
Quebec, Quebec  G1K 3V9
418 692-2888

Montreal Bar
1, Notre-Dame East
Suite 9.80
Montreal, Quebec  H2Y 1B6
514 866-2490

Quebec Bar
300, Jean-Lesage Boulevard
Suite 5.03
Quebec, Quebec  G1K 8K6
418 529 0301

Laval Bar

Court house
2800, Saint-Martin Boulevard West
Suite 3.10
Laval, Quebec   H7T 2S9
450 686-2958

Longueuil Bar

Court house
1111, Jacques- Cartier East
Suite RC.01
Longueuil, Quebec  J4M 2J6
450 468-2609

How to find a good Lawyer in Montreal and Quebec ?

The search for a good lawyer never seems obvious. It is often seen as the identification of a needle in the middle of a haystack…

To begin, you must know that to be a lawyer in Quebec, he must have successfully completed his Bachelor in law. He must succeed vocational training courses and Bar exams. Thereafter, the future lawyer conducts an internship course under the supervision of another lawyer or a judge.

To definitely find a good lawyer in the Montreal area, you can start by asking your entourage views and experiences. Friends and family can guide you very well, according to the legal experiences they had. In most cases, they can tell you their good and bad experiences with some lawyers.

Several situations can be embarrassing and it is often asked in what circumstances we should be represented by a lawyer.

Even in the case of a divorce, a conflict with a dealer, a vehicle accident, a charge of theft, a complaint to the CSST, a break of contract or a compensation…there is a pressing need for you to contact a lawyer.

The precious time you invest in this circumstance depends on your limits, your goals and, above all, the result you wish to obtain.

The code of ethics of the Bar of Quebec obliges the lawyer to situate his client financially. Remember this well: you can deal with a lawyer only during the interview. Indeed, you, the consumer, have the right to play the fierce competition. Also, Montreal is full of excellent lawyers, ready to guide your steps in the court or otherwise.

You should ask the lawyer, in writing, the scope of services and the approximate cost, which include;
1. The percentage deducted from the amount raised and collected.
2. The hourly rate or rate fortified for the mandate.

There are two essential questions that you will be asked:
1. For what type of matter?
2. What is your profession?

By asking these two questions, the lawyer knows what mandate he will be dealing with. In most cases, a single visit is not enough.

If in doubt, you can go to the Quebec Bar . The Bar serves, among others, to protect the public. Thanks to the Bar , if you have a complaint about your lawyer, you can contact the Bar . The Bar of Quebec in Montreal is located near the municipal court and the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

Now, everything is up to you if you want to hire the services of a lawyer. Knowing that the process in court can be very long and expensive, it is up to you to make the firm decision. Make your own mind and do not be blinded by a lawyer, who promises you victory, because statistically speaking, a lawyer will win a case on two.